Now, we've started overseas shipment !!
Since mail of has much SPAM mail, it does not arrive.

If you can command Japanese please input your information in Japanese

You can use following card
service, and enjoy your shopping.. We have adapted the system of reliable
and prestigious card service company in Japan . Under this system, you can
enjoy secure shopping. We can not know your credit number or your other
important information.
 So please don't worry security of your credit procedure.

Inquiries and orders from overseas will be carefully and quickly handled by
our affiliated company. Discounts rates, freight and other conditions are a lttle bit
different from those of domestic orders. Please let us know item numbers,
quantities, desired delivery date and other special requests,if any.
We will e-mail or this form detailed estimates to you immediately

Import duties, taxes and other regulations vary from country to country.
These are the responsibility of the recipient


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We accept either INTERNATIONAL Postal Money Orders (advance payment only) or
Credit Cards as payment.

2:Credit Cards

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